The seiner Nautilus working on its net at the Embarcadero with the Kerri M in the background. Nothing compares to working on the boat or the net at Embarcadero and getting a torpedo sandwich from Mona Lisa’s for lunch. Great memories share your pictures with us at and on Twitter @sdtunaboats

Gene Cabral & Ed And Alvin Pereira …

My good friend Nick Cabral sends in a couple classic photos, of his grandfather Gene Cabral cutting the hair of Eddie Perreira and below are his two uncles Ed and Alvin Perreira showing off their new haircuts. A couple classic photos of some great old timers. share your photos at and on twitter @sdtunaboats

Soleil Z..

The Soleil Z docked just south of 10th ave near the Bridge in San Diego Bay. This seiner was launched the Patrician back in 1981 by Burton Shipyard in Port Arthur Texas. Thank You to Abe Romero for the photo . Share your photos at or @sdtunaboats on Twitter .

Passing Fuel …

Nice shot of the Sea Hawk and Legacy passing fuel and other supplies out at Sea, photo taken in Western Pacific in mid 80s by John Gibson. Share your photos with us at or @sdtunaboats on twitter.

Normandie ..

I’ve posted this photo before but its a great picture of the Normandie and my pops is in the photos. Share your photos with us at

Andrea C….

Wonderful photo of the Andrea C. I originally received this photo about 20 years ago from my cousin John Cerny, a long time navigator on the Andrea C. This photo was taken in 1992 and  I recently received this again from Kevin Madruga so I decided to post it ,by the way its always a good day to post a photo of the Castagnola Fleet. Share your photos with us at

Claire P…..

I love this photo of the Claire P getting ready to let the lines go on another trip. Looks like a  wife saying goodbye in the rain, definitely wasn’t easy on the family’s left behind.

Adrenaline time …

This photo pretty much sums it up out to Sea , everyone working to get the school in the net. About right now your adrenaline level is at its peak, if you have ever been out to Sea you know what I mean. Share your photos at

Sea Gem…

Great photo of The Sea Gem in a set in the Western Pacific , I believe this photo was found 1985. Photo taken by John Gibson, share your photos at