Azteca 2 ….

Azteca 2 was built by Martinac in 1980 , although its always been under Mexican Flag this seiner was routinely in San Diego . Beautiful seiner, share your photos at

Old Carolyn M…

Kevin Madruga shares this photo of the old Carolyn M .  Built by Peterson Shipyards for Joe Medina. Kevin fished aboard this seiner from 1991- 1994 with skipper Roman Rebelo ,thank you Kevin share your photos at

Mary S..

Seiner Mary S, built by San Diego Marine in 1971 owned by Souza family. Later named South Seas and believe was in  Venezuela .

Hornet III….

Seiner Hornet III tied up at 10th avenue back in the day. Built by Campbells shipyard in August 1975, Hornet was definitely a top seiner in its day. Share your pictures with us at

Connie Jean….

Seiner Connie Jean built way back in 1966 by Martinac. If you had the Connie Jean in your office pool as one of the last seiners left in San Diego you hit a jackpot. Last I heard this seiner was on east Coast fishing bluefin .  Share your pictures with us at

Queen Mary…

Tuna seiner Queen Mary docked at B street pier with seiner Rose Ann Marie docked behind. Great times , please share your photos with us at

Maria C.J…

Seiner Maria C.J tied up in San Diego. Originally launched as Elizabeth C.J in 1972 current name is Captain Joe Jorge. Please share your pictures with us at

Royal Pacific…

Probably my favorite designed seiner. Royal Pacific built by Martinac in 1973 and still going under the new name Koorale. Share your photos with us at

Aquarius ….

Aquarius docked at B street back in the days. Not a great photo but one of my old pictures , something about certain boats meant more then others. Aquarius was one of those boats I felt like I always had a family member aboard this seiner. Seriously I could use help with photos please share at