Eillen M…

Eileen M, Looks ready to launch on what appears to be a rainy day in Tacoma. Please share your pictures with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net


Got this one sent to me by a follower. Believe its the Portobello. Great seiner that caught tons of fish. Built at Campbell’s in San Diego. Please share your memories at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Picking up the skiff.

Picking up the skiff on the Eileen M, fishing off of  Africa in the early 70s. Appears to be a sister ship in background . Please share your pictures with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Eileen M , crossing the Canal..

A couple of nice shots of the Panama Canal, in the early 70s. Seiner Eileen M crossing through some gates I’m guessing on her way to Puerto rico. Please share your pictures with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Eileen M.

Eileen M, Im told very early 1970s, I’m thinking this may be taken at B street pier. The 70s were great for the tuna industry and for station wagons . Awesome photo , send your pictures to sdtunaboats@cox.net

Fred and Eileen McDonell..

Im very blessed to have received Family photos from the McDonell Family. Father Fred ran many seiners , Included in them was the Eileen M. The top photos are of Fred when on a bait boat , and then as a Captain. Bottom Photo is of Eileen herself Christening the seiner named after herself Eileen M. Absoluty amazing photos . Over the next few weeks i plan to share with you photos from the family included fishing trips to Africa . Thank you so much to Mark for sharing his family treasure with us. Send in your familys photos to us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Claire P.

Claire P, Not the greatest picture but damn loved this boat. I wish I had more shots of her. I remember being a teenager hanging out at Shelter Island near Bali Hai, and watching her leave around 10pm one night heading to Samoa. Claire P at that time would turn around and unload in San Diego . Had its Jet ranger chopper all covered up looked great. My cousin was on it so i knew it was leaving . Seemed like yesterday unfortunulty it was probably 35 years ago. Damn how time flies . Send in your pictures or videos to sdtunaboats@cox.net


Surfing Frances Ann style. What a incredible photo of the guys inside the cage of the skiff catching the white wash from the stern of the seiner. Definitely a unique picture not sure i would have tried that . Send in your pictures to sdtunaboats@cox.net


Chuck Goncalves ( Uncle Chuck ) and Jeff Silva aboard the Deolinda I’m thinking this said 1983. Please share your pictures with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net