Wonderful times along the Embarcadero, Seiners Cabrillo , Nautilus , Mermaid tied up . One thing I Love about these photos is looking at the old cars parked. Share your photos with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Carol Linda….

Seiner Carol Linda docked at Embarcadero in San Diego . Carol Linda later went to fish in Western Pacific and was stretched to add wells . Carol Linda has now been sold and is no longer under American flag. sdtunaboats@cox.net


Calypso docked at Embarcadero , seiner Kerri M in background. Calypso built at San Diego Marine in 1972. sdtunaboats@cox.net

Sea Gem….

Sea Gem docked at Van Camps on 10th avenue  terminal  finishing up unloading .  Share your memories at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Mary Lyn…

Seiner Mary Lyn, Ok I admit I have nothing on this seiner any help out there ? sdtunaboats@cox.net

Mary Jo…

Seiner Mary jo , I still love looking at these old seiners they were the heart of the fleet. Share your photos at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Gina Anne…

What a big bow on this seiner. you definitely didn’t get confused when you were looking at the Gina Anne you knew what seiner it was . And also the fastest seiner in the fleet. Share your photos with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Sea Encounter…

Sea Encounter tied up to G Street Pier in san Diego. Beautiful seiner which is still fishing under American flag in Western Pacific . sdtunaboats@cox.net

Diana C…

Diana C, tied up at the Embarcadero. Wonderful times watching the boats and fisherman working on their nets . sdtunaboats@cox.net

Sea Wolf….

Seiner Sea Wolf tied up at the Embarcadero , this seiner wasn’t around very long with this name. Originally launched France Ann in 1971 by san Diego Marine shipyard. sdtunaboats@cox.net