Lets get a update on the Koorale, when last we saw this seiner it had been involved in a accident out at sea. After a long delay I’m happy to say work has begun on the seiner . Big shout out to my Nelson New Zealand partner Michael Burt for always providing me with great photos from Nelson.


One of my collections of postcards and newspaper articles. As a young boy I use to collect anything I could find on the fleet , this is one of my favorite. Seiner Mermaid owned by Frank Correia Family docked at Broadway Pier. Share your memories at sdtunaboats@ccox.net

American Eagle ….

One of our loyal followers Dave Gerrard sends this one in . American Eagle in a set , classic Campbell  seiner built in 1975 . Thanks for sharing Dave , send in your photos to sdtunaboats@cox.net

Saratoga & Aquarius ….

This wonderful picture was taken at Broadway Pier in San Diego Bay. Saratoga and Aquarius tied next to each other. Im guessing its  Christmas time with the whole fleet in . Please share your pictures at sdtunaboats@cox.net


Tuna Seiner Aquarius tied up at B street Pier in San Diego . Built by Martinac Shipyard for the Dasilva Family in 1971. This seiner held a special place in my family with my Father and Uncle both spending time on board. sdtunaboats@cox.net

Reagan’s visit…

Kevin Madruga shared this photo with us . I believe this was when Ronald Reagan was President  but I could be wrong. He visited the seiners to show support of  the fleet. Maybe someone could help me out with the exact details, I do know I see my good friend in the background, Lionel Silva as a little kid, RIP Lionel . sdtunaboats@cox.net


Old school seiner Starcrest tied up at Embarcadero next to Anthony’s Fish Grotto .I believe this photo was taken in the mid 1960s , good times unfortunately both are now gone. sdtunaboats@cox.net

Marne K….

Beautiful picture of the Marne K looks to be on a sea trial off the coast. Something about the color of this seiners along with the Granada, Portobello  , Chiriqui I just loved. Someone out there must have pictures they can share of these seiners. sdtunaboats@cox.net