Mary S….

Lets go old school. Not sure the year of this photo, Mary S docked at the Finger Piers . I know one thing things seemed better back in those days.


Seiner Cayude making a set . Launched the Cindy Ann in 1976 by Martinac. 

Spartan …

The legendary Spartan.  Anthony Madruga a legend in these parts.

Gina Karen crew again…

So I recently received a bunch of Gina Karen crew shots. So were going all Gina Karen in the next few days unless I get something else.  I was told this was Mimmo Carini skiff man.

Gina Karen crew..

Great Shot of the Lococo from left to right , Frank ( Deck Boss)  Pat ( Chief ) and Pete ( Navigator ) aboard the Gina Karen . Huge thank you to Frank LoCoco for sending in this Classic shot.

Sun Splendor…

Great Shot of the Sun Splendor it also server in World War II as a supply ship. This wonderful rig sank in the 80s off of Mexico. I want to thank Theresa Francisco for sharing this photo of her Grandfather Frank Souza boat. Please share your photos at

American seiners…

Three seiners anchored. All were American flag at one time , Carmela was launched Patrician . Curimagua was launched Patricia Lee, and the Falcon was launched Katherine Lisa. Share your photos with us at