Lucky Strike Chopper Crew…

In this photo we have the flight crew for the seiner Lucky Strike. On the left is Joe O’Brien pilot , Shane Airlie chopper mechanic is in the middle  and on the right is Fernando, he’s a  fish spotter . Huge Thank You to Shane for sharing his photos with me definitely more Lucky strike pictures coming.

Capt. Vincent Gann …

Another one of my photos from my collection. I took this back in the early 90s on a lazy day down at Seaport Village Park looking south towards 10th Ave Terminal. The CVG is definitely a beautiful seiner, which  I believe was  the first  stern engine built by Martinac. A huge change from its previous location mid seiner behind the chopper deck. The Capt Vincent Gann is still fishing today in the Western Pacific.

Jeanne Lou….

This photo is from my Fathers collection, Jeanne Lou in a set with The Proud Heritage and The  Constitution on the hunt in the background. Miss you pops, share your photos with us at

Andrea C…

Another photo from my personal collection . The Andrea C coming into San Diego Bay after doing some sea trials off of Point Loma, what a beautiful seiner she was.


San Diego union newspaper article of the seiner Neptune, with John Mauricio and Raul Lira in photo.

In the Rack’s…

My good Friend Jim Zeigler sent in this picture to share from his collection. He said the photo was dated back to 1963 , all I can say is its awesome . Thanks Jim .Please share your photos at

Sea Quest….

I love this photo and this seiner, The Sea Quest out to Sea around 1977. My Father took this photo while aboard the Proud Heritage, both seiners were owned by Manuel Silva and were a familiar site around  San Diego Bay.

Broadway Pier….

I know I have posted this postcard a few times but its one of my favorites. I think I bought this postcard when I was in Elementary school . The one and only Mermaid owned by Frank Correia . Tons of memories of this seiner.






 I took this photo of the Venturous in 1988 on a Sea Trial off of Point Loma from the Helicopter, it feels like it was yesterday.  Unfortunately  the Venturous sank a few years later off the Coast of Panama .

Azteca 2 …..

Another one of my photos I took down at 10th Ave Terminal. The Azteca 2 was a very familiar seiner in San Diego in the 80s. The Azteca 2  is still fishing today in Mexico , share your photos at