San Diego Bay…

 This photo was taken from 10th Ave Terminal in the 70s . This is what San Diego Bay used to look like, Tuna Seiners and Naval Ships two of San Diego’s  biggest industries .

Memorabilia …..

Our good friend Kevin Madruga stopped by again and sent in some of his memorabilia of the fleet . Definitely brings back memories Thank You as always Kevin.

Old Campbells Shipyard…

I recently received this photo of The Campbells Shipyard back in its active years.  Im guessing this could be in early 80s . Today there is a Hilton Hotel and Petco Park across the street among other things.

Mariner – Marinero F…..

Thank you to my good Friend Kevin Madruga for sharing this beautiful photo of the Marinero F which was the Mariner, one of my favorite seiners in San Diego. I asked for pictures of the Mariner and Kevin delivered . Anyone else have any ? This seiner was built by Martinac Shipyard in 1973.


Great Logo on the Castagnola owned seiners. Im told this is a Red Snapper as a  tribute to Uncle Louie himself who’s nickname was Snapper. Sensational logo  on the  Antonina C, Uncle Louie and the Andrea C.

Al Humphrey…

Michael Meachum sends in this photo of the Maria Elena on the Bay as a tribute to his late Great Uncle Al Humphrey who was Chief aboard the Maria Elena and a few other Westgate Seiners. Thank You Michael I’m sure your Uncle was a great man .


Today I got a update on the Koorale in Nelson ,New Zealand. It looks like slow but steady progress. I can’t wait to see this seiner back in action, as usual a huge Thank You to my great follower and friend Michael Burt for keeping us in the loop from Nelson.

Coronado Islands…

Today my good friend Frank Lococo was out fishing at the Coronado Islands and ran into a Mexican Seiner called the  Marieta making a set. Looks like a nice day to water ski out there. Thank you as always to Frank.

Sea Treasure….

Another small newspaper article from the San Diego Union in 1975. One of my favorite boats getting ready to dock at Broadway Pier . I know I keep asking for photos of the Sea Treasure and nobody helps, so I won’t this time. Share your memories at