This is another great Martinac Boat and part of Joe Madruga’s fleet. In this picture, they were off Point Loma doing a trial set prior to setting out on its maiden voyage

First Photo!

Well, they say that everything has a beginning. For me, It was this photo I took of the Dominator, in San Pedro while unloading. At the time, I was aboard the Proud Heritage and it was around 1975-76. Who would have thought I would eventually end up with over 1,000 photos of the fleet? Hobbies start at the weirdest time!!!

Jeanette Diana, Jeanette

Joe Finette owner. The Jeanette Diana was a high liner one of the top boats in the fleet ,for years .Unfortunalty the boat sank unexpectly in the western pacific , thank the good lord everybody was rescued . Jeanette is now Joes boat, it is the old Elizabeth CJ .My late cousin simply put it this way about Mr. Finette , he is the “nicest man you will ever meet”

Enough said…


The Constitution (later known as the Mariner) was another great boat of its time. At the helm was a great skipper and man, Joe Daluz. Joe was a top skipper for many years and had a great passion for it. Not many men could say they caught more fish than Joe. The Constitution was where his heart was, and I’m proud to call him my friend.