Saratoga tripled docked with Brenda Jolene on outside .Not exactly sure where this was taking, i don’t think the Saratoga ever made it to Samoa. Just a guess maybe Panama. Any guess Tom?


Mermaid , working on net at the Embarcadero . Owner Frank Correia.


Don’t know a whole lot on the Apollo, but it sure was a different look.. Help me out Tom..


Nice shot of the Venturous with Jet Ranger Helicopter. My first trip fishing was on this boat. I believe it sank off Panama in the early 90s..


Kooorale, letting go on a spot of school fish. This was the old Royal Pacific. And to this day remains a very productive seiner. Owner Fermin and Anthony Fereira

Porpoise issues..

This video comes from our friends at tuna I thought it was important enough to post here. not the greatest times in the tuna fleet.

Blast from the past…

This shot of the Embarcadero shows good and bad. Lots of seiners tied up. Unfortunately most of these boats were tied up for a number of reasons. That being said i still miss these days.. Have a photo you want posted send them in i will post.

Bold Adventuress…

Bold Adventuress cruising . There have been at least a couple seiners with this name . This was the first one. Owned by Ganns.