Shelter Island.

Now this is a classic, Shelter island boat launch and the Jeanette Diana going out of the bay. If you grew up in San Diego you definitely launched a boat at that boat launch. And there was probably a Tuna Boat going out of the Bay.

Lowering the skiff!!

This is another of my newspaper articles , this is the Mermaid tied up at the embarcadero . They were lowering the skiff into the water when it all went wrong ,down came the mast and booms. Thank god no one was killed . I remember this like it was yesterday. i was with my father at G street aboard the Proud Heritage when i saw the Mermaid moving to the shipyard. I Couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s the Antonina C in background and the Pacific Princess in front on the photo..

Proud Heritage…

Proud Heritage in the Western Pacific. OK my favorite boats are the Proud Heritage , Uncle Louie, Antonina C whats yours? I know you are out there i see you don’t make me call you out respond ? Whats your favorite Boats?