Pan Pacific …

Some seiners I just don’t have a lot of photos of , Pan Pacific is one of those built by Campbells shipyard in San Diego . The Pan Pacific was slightly different only the American Queen also had the raised pilot house I liked the look but it must not ave been great once they added the helicopter.


One of my favorite style seiners. Polaris was built in 1970 by Martinac and later changed name to Gina Marie unfortunately  it sanked not to long after that. This photo was sent in not sure where it was taken.


One of Manuel Silva’s Fleet. The Tradition was built in 1980 by Martinac , later was sent to Western Pacific and sold. Changed name to Cape Elizabeth and unfortunulty I believe she caught fire and  sank a few years ago. Share your photos with us at

Sea Hawk…

Seiner Sea Hawk docked  in San Diego bay I’m guessing in late 70s. Classic looking Campbell seiner built in 1976 later went to fish in Western Pacific and is sadly no longer in our fleet.

Bold Venture…

What a classic photo , Bold Venture tied  I believe tied up in  Panama. Received this photo from Tom Summers just a great guy and it was a pleasure meeting him. Share your photos with us at

Carolyn M…

Nice shot of the Carolyn M, appears to be headed out to Sea. Please share your photos with me, I can use a little help .

Bold Contender ….

One of my top 2 or 3 favorite seiners. Bold Contender love this rig, I’ve asked many times for photos of her actually had one guy email me and say he had a photo of it with a chopper on it in his room but never sent the picture in . Come on throw me a bone someone has pictures of this seiner .

John F Kennedy….

Seiner John F Kennedy just launched in 1970 by Martinac. Later changed name to Pisces and was a top producing seiner.

Gina Karen…

Gina Karen cruising . These little seiners kicked butt along with Kathleen , Christina C, Queen Mary. Not the greatest quality photo but I’m trying. Please share your photo at

Lucky Strike….

Seiner Lucky Strike tied up in San Diego Bay. Built by Campbells shipyard in 1973. I believe this seiner is fishing under Venezuela flag.