Old school seiner Starcrest tied up at Embarcadero next to Anthony’s Fish Grotto .I believe this photo was taken in the mid 1960s , good times unfortunately both are now gone.

Marne K….

Beautiful picture of the Marne K looks to be on a sea trial off the coast. Something about the color of this seiners along with the Granada, Portobello  , Chiriqui I just loved. Someone out there must have pictures they can share of these seiners.

Men Working….

This is a great photo for so many reasons, first, The Antonina C tied up at the dock, but also in this  photo men were mending nets the way it always was at the Embarcadero. Of course I cant help but notice the old cars and no parking meters on the street . Good times , share your memories at


San Diego Embarcadero with a few of the Gann’s tuna fleet tied up. A little flash back to the good old days in the history of San Diego. Share your photos at …

Marietta …..

The Marietta tied up at the fuel dock , which was pretty normal for the Zolezzi fleet who also owned this fuel dock . Along with the Mary Antoinette these two seiners owned by the Zolezzi Family were very consistent with short trips and full loads .

Royal Pacific ….

Royal Pacific appears to be getting parts out to sea. The Tuna Fleet relied on each other for parts , fuel , and emergencys at Sea and if they were lucky they would receive mail from home .

Sea Gem…..

Seiner Sea Gem and its lucky seven roll of the dice. Sent in by Tom Summers . Send in your pictures at

Tom Summers…

Tom Summers sent in this photo of himself and a couple of his shipmates . On the left is the Sea Gem , the boat Tom spent a few years on, in addition it looks like the Toro Bravo on the other side of the dock. I would like to thank Mike Madriaga from The Reader for getting me in touch with Tom. Check out the story on Tom in The Reader he’s a legend . Thanks again Tom , share your photos at