Seiner Conquest on sea trials after being launched at Campbells Shipyard in San Diego in 1973.


Wonderful shot of the Caribe off of Point Loma testing the seiner out before heading to Sea. I received this photo from Ed Ganns office who were very kind in helping me with photos , anyone else want to help?

Gina Karen….

Looks like we have a area of school fish. Seiner Gina Karen with another seiner in background both in sets. Share your photos at


One of my newspaper articles from the late 70s. Loved seeing the seiners docked at the Embarcadero , great times share your memories at


Seiner Tiuna , technically not a American seiner but it was built here at Campbells shipyard launched in 1981 under the name Tunamar she’s still active fishing in the Eastern Pacific.


This photo of the Caribe I’m thinking is in Panama. Also going to say it was one of Ganns seiners since he loved the name Caribe although I really can’t recognize the style seiner ? Anyone know anything about this photo ?

Embarcadero …

One of my favorite shots, Embarcadero with the seiners tied up. Conquest and Montana with Sea Encounter and Mermaid in the far back. Great Days great memories.

Evelyn DaRosa..

Built in 1974 by Campbells shipyard in san Diego. Simply put this was one of the Top Dogs in the fleet, always made short trips and a lot of them. Unfortunulty she sank way to early.