Mary Antoinette….

So many seiners called San Diego home port. Some just seemed like they were here more then others. The Mary Antoinette was one of those, maybe its just as simple as they made fast trips and were always home . Great seiner owned by the Zolezzi family. Share your memories at


Let’s stay with photos from the 1960s, seiner Commodore docked at the Embarcadero . She must have been a beauty in the days. Im told this seiner was owned by Sam Navarra and the Vatuonne Family.  We really need help with pictures, please share your pictures with us at


Old school seiner Valiant . I know absolutely  nothing about  this seiner . Help me out guys ?

10th Avenue….

One of my many newspaper articles from the San Diego Union Tribune in the 70’s . I clearly remember this photo and the boats docked . From front to back J.M Martinac , Marco Polo, Madrugador, Proud Heritage , Sea Quest and Antonina C in the rear, the good old days . Share your memories on any of these seiners.

Napoli Restaurante..

I would guess most fishermen eventually made a trip down below and went through Panama. If you did you know the name on this shirt and you ate dinner there at least once.  Thanks to John Cefalu for sharing this photo,

Sea Encounter….

Recent photo of the Sea Encounter in Samoa. Great to see this long time seiner still flying an American Flag . Huge thanks to Chief Manuel Virissimo for sending this photo in . Please share your memories or photos with us at

Nelson ,New Zealand…

First of all I’d  like to say Thank You to my good friend Michael Burt for sending this photo in from Nelson ,New Zealand. Two seiners with damage to the hulls due to collisions at Sea. These incidents were extremely dangerous, I know the Koorale is lucky to still be afloat . Share your photos or memories with us at

Passing the Equador….

 Love this post, my good friend John Cefalu sharing this photo of  his dollar he received for passing the Equador for the first time with all his crew members signatures  . A clean shaved head comes with this for free also, part of fishing traditions. Share your photos and memories with us at