Tommy John….

What a beautiful photo of the Albacore – Bait Boat Tommy John , anchored in Cape Lookout Oregon in September 2008. This boat has traveled most of the West Coast in its time. Thank You to Tom Cardozo for sharing his photo, anyone else got one ?

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  1. Tommy John
    Classixx Albacore / Tuna Bait Boat
    Jimmy Lira
    Good to See you put Small the guys on
    Here because the
    Albacore / Tuna
    Bait Boat Fleet was a
    huge part of the Fleet
    We had our
    Boat the Spartan
    . So its nice to see
    Tommy & Mr John Cardoza also
    Had few Boats
    Like the old Wood Boat
    Balboa it carried about 40 tons
    & then got the
    Tommy John in 1980s & Did very good with it . Thanks Jimmy

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