Unfortunate Day in the Family…

My family has had many fishermen in it over the years but this was the worse day for our family, my uncles boat sinking at the Local Banks. This Photo is of the Mary Lucille going down with my Uncle and his two sons aboard. Everyone on board was rescued and returned to San Diego aboard the JM Martinac . The Mary Lucille was launched The Lois Seaver in 1958 . Share your stories and photos at sdtunaboats@cox.net

One Reply to “Unfortunate Day in the Family…”

  1. True story Jimmy , I was there in local banks when it happened. Messed up, I was on The J M Martinac , I still have Pictures that I took for Insurance . Donald Sousa was the Capt. Of J M Martinac, I was in the Skiff to pick up the CREW , IT was Chicken Shit how the Mexican tuna boats , were around until everyone got off safely . And started stealing the net, & speed boat s that were left on the Mary Lucille. I’ll never Forget it. SAL CORONA

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