Kathleen Crew 1976…

Mike Collette shared a couple of his crew shots from the Kathleen from back in 1976. Great times and what a classic seiner. Thank You Mike, please share your memories with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

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  1. Recognize a few fellows in this shot Tony Piscotta Domingus Chagas think that is also Joe Toranto

  2. from left to right on the KATHLEEN.
    Michael Balestreri
    Michael Guidi
    Michael Collette
    Stevie Massa
    Domingus Chagas
    Larry Piraino
    Tony Pisciotta
    Joe Sanfilippo

    bottom picture is Domingus Chagus and Joe “Thurantula” Taranto in back

  3. to the right of Tony Pisciotta is Pat Lococo , bottom pic Mike Collette, Chagas, Pisciotta , Taranto in back

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