Andrea C…

Andrea C, coming around to the skiff. One of the Castagnola fleet built in Martinac in 1981. Thanks to LoCoco family for sharing .

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  1. Hello, my family purchased the Theresa Janene and was documented to have changed the name on May 10, 1982 to Capt Isidoro Duarte and U.S. Flag to a Mexico flag. It was taken to Ensenada, Mexico. My great grand father was Isidoro Cabrera Duarte, Spanish descent who settled in el Sauzal, Ensenada Mexico. He on Nov. 6th 2019 was honored by the Club de Modelismo Naval Artesanal de Ensenada, A. C. (a fishermen museum in Ensenada) for his historic contribution to the fishing industry.

    I myself grew up in San Diego not Ensenada my father Gabriel Diaz a formen at Campbell Industries a ship yard in San Diego for 20 or so years worked on the vessel before its purchase if Im not mistaken. When the vessel was purchased my father and mother took a picture on it. A close up, not a great picture, however, they capture the name of the boat in the photo.

    I was doing a slideshow for our family and researched the boat that for a period honored my great grandfather by having his name, Capt Isidoro Duarte. This is how I came across your site. Thank you for posting the image of Theresa Janene, a beauty.

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