Passing the Equador….

 Love this post, my good friend John Cefalu sharing this photo of  his dollar he received for passing the Equador for the first time with all his crew members signatures  . A clean shaved head comes with this for free also, part of fishing traditions. Share your photos and memories with us at

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  1. Hey Cheppy, you look good as a balled man!!, remember when you Shaved me-1984 Dec. 1st. Those were the best times John, had a lot of fun and caught a lot of fish. Great Picture!!

    1. John Cefalu Starkist P/ R unloading
      How about 1985 STRIKE year unloading in Starkist P .R the end of summer ! Mary anntonette & Murretta guys were there JoeCash Joe Purino were there to
      Nite game! Basketball courts by Cannery
      Pieces Crew mixed with Jennie LOU Crew against Antonni C GANG Frank BAL you were there I think Ed BAL Raymond Gonzalves Paul Fretas
      Tony FISH EVEN PHIL Bal Anthony Daluz
      Mr Pete Oreo
      Claudia B guys the Lambamba CAR In the water at dock almost that was Classixx & Pat Bruneto During that trip I
      Was 15 years old !! Never forget Tony Tarano Deck boss He
      Always kept an eye on Me like I was family !! RIP Tony !! Kevin Madruga

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