10th Avenue….

One of my many newspaper articles from the San Diego Union Tribune in the 70’s . I clearly remember this photo and the boats docked . From front to back J.M Martinac , Marco Polo, Madrugador, Proud Heritage , Sea Quest and Antonina C in the rear, the good old days . Share your memories on any of these seiners. sdtunaboats@cox.net

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  1. JM Martinac, nice boat , Capt Donald Sousa hired me, I went back wards from a Full Share to 3/4 share , I was honest with him , because I never was a Speed boat Driver, fishing on other boats we fished school fish or logs. And became assit. Skiff man , Brailing.etc had a mix Crew that trip , we rescued the Mary Lucille crew when they Sank, also the cook ( from Porto Rico ) couldn’t read English , Donald brought his 2 Dogs out that trip . He was looking for the ALPO DOG FOOD . JOSE thought it was BEEF STEW , Serving to the CREW at lunch time. It had potatoes , peas , meat, gravy etc. We survived , true story . Ended up as Prisoners in San Salvador , for 2 weeks.

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