Panama Canal..

Seiner going through the locks in the Panama Canal , back the day with Puerto Rico a huge part of the fleet it was a normal site to see a seiner in the locks. Im guessing its rare now.

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  1. Jimmy Lira Update Panama Canal
    1989 We went on !!
    Cheryle Marie to Unload for Starkist in. !! Cartagena Columbia
    We waited 40 days for BucketsF & Bins for fish. That came
    Purto Rico
    The Dock Had Cold storage . !! Funny on Same Dock The Had. Live Beef Slaughter House So every day Trucks of Bulls were coming in & Amazing the Poor Colimbians Had Sledge Hammers One Shot to the Head !! Then it went down Chute !! SO that is Now a VANCAMP Brand Cannery
    The own 10 / 15 Seiners down there ok

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