Visiting your neighbor.

I guess one of the things that opened my eyes when i first went fishing was your all by yourself. Thats why its so important to always help the seiners next to you when they need help. Joe Luz taught me that after we ran 3 days the opposite direction to home to bring in a crewman when he needed help. You always help he said and i will never forgot his words , We were aboard the Caribe Star and we ran to the South Seas. In this photo help looks like its being passed on in any means necessary .

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  1. Kevin Madruga
    Info on !! Visiting your Neighbor In Chopper !! That Was Bold Fleets & Cheryle Marie .
    That’s Me with Our Skiff Man Armando Pineda !! That was Was Outside the Line & the norm !! Rough weather !!

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