RIP , Santana (Sandy ) Romero..

Again we lost another great fisherman. Im sorry to announce the passing of Santana Romero known to most as Sandy. He passed away Friday peacefully at the age of 94. He started fishing at the age of 14 with his brother Abe on old bait boats. He moved on to purse seining in the early 60s , and stuck with Manuel Jorge for 25 years. Starting with the first Elizabeth (Old White Star) then the first Elizabeth CJ which many will know as the Maria CJ. Then onto the Big Elizabeth CJ. He retired in 1981 and teamed up with Gerrard Fiorentino selling power blocks and all types of fishing equipment to the fleet. He will be missed.

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  1. Jimmy On Sandy Romero
    !! Got it right Because 1982 Sandy Romero Helped My father on our Boat !! Spartan !!
    Put Better Hydrolycs to Pull our Swordfish Nets in . He was great guy good to us
    Sandy had big family pretty sure he was elated to Choppo Romero the Cook .
    Thanks Jimmy for POSTING Kevin Madruga

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