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Seiner Marla Marie, Not sure what seiner this originally was . Part of the original Westgate fleet . Looks like the Nautilus and Kerri M in background. Send in your photos to

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  1. My daughter was named after your boat in 1976 or 1975 off cabo San Lucas after our cruiser fishing spinner dolphin of course for yellowfin came across your boat that just set a wrap on a school. We were looking for a girls name in case my wife had a girl, I loved the name, hence my daughters name is Marla Marie amormino, a pro athlete and equine judge. We are Sicilian heritage and live in l.a. I’ve always called her tuna boat baby to this day, in fact she has personalized plates tuna boat. She will follow up soon with photos.

  2. Thanks for for response jimmy. Iam not good and barely use this I pad. But let me tell u it gets better. After I get u pictures of her license plates and her, Iam looking forward to speaking or meeting u and your family. Marla just moved in to help me from Carlsbad to lend a hand due to this horrific back of mine. Not people would do that, however she is a equine judge and judges many horse shows in San Diego. I want to find a photo I believe I have on the Marla Marie on that set that I will blow up for u. Talk to u soon.

  3. Captain Tommy Crivello, was the owner of the Marla Marie. Alot of the Crew Members have passed on. Tommy was a good Soul he would give anyone a chance to go fishing . I Fished on the Marla Marie for 3 yrs. We were known as One Flew over the COCKOO s Nest We had a Crazy tight Crew.

  4. My name is Thomas Asaro fished on the Marla Marie for 5 years we caught our share of fish like Sal Corona said we were a tight crew now this Sicilian lives in Muskogee Oklahoma who would of thought farming no more cows and horses heading back to the ocean God Bless what’s left of our crew😎

  5. Marla Marie used to be the Larry Row I believe C Arnold Smith owned them built at National Steel & Shipbuilding early 50s

  6. Mr. Tommy Asaro tell them the time Marla Maria went to punta Arenas , Costa Rica , & Hell broke lose.

  7. Another true Story , from Me Sal Corona , we were fishing Local Banks 1977 in the month of August , just around the Time Elvis Presley Died. Alot of San Diego Seiners in the Area hit & Miss for BLUE FIN . Fishing on the Marla Marie Tommy Crivello , over the PA nice Big BLACK Spot , everyone get Ready , Tommy asked navigator Johnny Balistrie what Course are we Going , Vito Giacalone grabbed the Mic saz ( Intercourse ) Tommy Flipped out . We are running he saz let her go , Every thing going smooth until the Skiff meets the boat , looks like a big Brezzer foaming every where. Tommy saz nice big black spot , it was a United States Submarine they surfaced like Victory at Sea Movie the Capt of the Sub came over the PA you better let us out , had to cut the Cable. 🇺🇸

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