Uncle Louie..

Awesome seiner. Great Family. If your not going to send in pictures or tell me your favorite boats, i will just keep posting my favorites! sdtunaboats@cox.net

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  1. A sharp looking, squared away rig. Appears fresh, from a shipyard-nice. We swapped fuel & VHS movies back in forth with these guys in the early to mid 80's, as the Louie was part of our code group.

    Clyde Williams

    1. Hi Clyde!

      My name is Linda Kelley, and I live in San Francisco. 35 years ago tomorrow morning at 3:15 am, Uncle Louie rescued my two friends and me after a small plane crash off the coast of San Diego, 7 miles out, which occurred at 7:15pm tonight. We swam for 8 hours until Uncle Louie just happened to be heading out to fish that early morning. Did you ever hear of that story? We are so grateful for this vessel and the crew who were aboard that night. My email is kelleydesigns@comcast.net if you’d like to respond. Thank you!

  2. Hello Jimmy – Your website is awesome. From 1987 to 1989 I was living in American Samoa and knew all the tuna seiner owners and crews. The UNCLE LOUIE was from the Castagnola family fleet and I was good friends with Andy Castagnola. I recall many a great time on UNCLE LOUIE – in fact my wife an I were honored with a going away party in July 1989 on board while she lay at the cargo side of the harbor across from the canneries. I remember the other owners Mr. John Zuanich, Mr. Julio Zollezi, Mr. Gonzalves, and particularly Joe DeSilva (Smoothie) – who with his crews on AQUARIUS and SEA ENCOUNTER (Son: Randy & Joe’s Wife Beatrice) left a deep gratefulness in our hearts. There were many others, but they all treated us like family. I will never forget it. Please leave my email address below so that any of the old Pago gang can contact me.

    Rick Ferraro

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