Don’t know a whole lot on the Apollo, but it sure was a different look.. Help me out Tom.. sdtunaboats.com

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  1. Built by Tacoma Boat Building and launched in 1970. Manuel Cintas was the captain. Was the largest tuna boat at that time. 258 feet long with a capacity of 2000 tons. The ship's owners were Ocean Blazers, Inc. of Puerto Rico and she was a Starkist boat. She would later be called the Adriatic Sea. She sank in 1998.

    1. I did not know she sank but then again that seemed to happen to many of the old seiners when they got old and worn out. The Apollo was a beast in every sense of the word. Not as fast as the newer boats but man could Manuel Cintas find fish.

  2. The true meaning of a Super-Seiner. Whenever we spotted it, it was clearly a stand-out boat from the others.

    Clyde Williams
    M/V Toro Bravo
    280 feet @ 1850 tons.

  3. As a young boy i become very familiar with the Adriatic Sea. It was in our port for dry dock and repairs. My parents become close friends with the crew at the time. I have a nice photo as its leaving port after repairs and repaint. I also built a scale model of it based from photos and dimensions from Sarko the Captian at the time.
    Sad to hear it has sunk?

  4. I fished the Apollo with Manuel in New Zealand in the 70s, and have a few photos. email me keith at borglum dot com if you want copies, as I don't know how to post them here.
    Keith Borglum

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