Zapata Pathfinder

Zapata Pathfinder , I believe it was 1800 tons . Notice the sea plane. not very many boats had planes , they soon found out that helicopters worked much better .

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  1. Pete, Sorry someone put up bad info on your father. Im glad he is still with us. I removed those comments . Don't want bad info on the board… Have a great day..

  2. Crewed one trip in 1976, JB Alioto was Capt, Govenment Charter, I think Pete was on the Apollo, but not sure, too long ago…..

  3. Just found this picture. I believe I am the current owner of the airplane on the Pathfinder. I am restoring it and would love to have access to any old pictures. Airplane is a Maule M5-210C. N62063

    Blogging the progress on Facebook at;
    Clearwater Seaplane Base

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