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  1. Jimmy, do you know any info on this boat. I know Greg chase was the owner, but do you happen to Know where it was built, I want to say wisconsin but not sure I think there were only a couple of these made. I have a tuna boat model that was made back in 1968 that my great uncle made. There was a interesting story about it that it was made before any ship builder ever produced a enclosed side vessel. I know Martinac's first one was the Jeanine in 72 and I think Campbells came out with theres in 71 72 ish as well. But this vessel best represents the model. I'm just trying to figure out were my uncle got the design from if it was built after 1968 which I would assume it was. I heard stories from family members that people tried to buy the model from him way back when he built it to design a new style tuna boat. IF I could just verify thats correct, I thought that would be a great story to pass down with this model boat for years to come. Thanks

    1. Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin
      I was there for the delivery then we sailed all the way through the Saint Lawrence Sea Way and eventually through the Panama Canal docked in Balboa.
      Keith Smith
      Helicopter mechanic on Sea Chase 1982- 1986 (Greg Chase previous boat Portobello 1981-1982)

      1. I was the pilot for 4 trips Greg Chase was captain and owner on three and Ben was captain and navigator on two.
        This boat caught more fish in less time then any other boat operating out of Panama, one trip was only 42 days from dock to dock. Wouldn’t change that for anything.
        Kieth Smith BEST WRENCH ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. L Virissimo,

    My name is Duke Windsor and I am working with the San Diego History Center putting together an exhibition on Tuna! San Diego's Famous Fishing Industry and we are looking for Tuna boat models to borrow for an the Airport Cases exhibit as well as any fishing photos, tools fishing memorabilia for the display. I was wondering if you would be willing to loan your father's model to the Museum for the display? They will be returned to you at the end of the exhibit.

    The period is March 2012 to October 2012.

    If you are interested in donating please contact Nick Vega, Director of Exhibits and San Diego History Center at
    nvega@sandiegohistorycenter.org. or contact me at dukewindsor@cox.net for more information.


  3. Not to step on anybody's toes personally but the M/V Jeannine's was launch date was 1974. I probably looked at that plaque in the hallway, next to the Chapel everyday for around 7 years.

    Larry & Greg V.
    I thought the Sea Chase, Marne K, Portobello & the El Rey were all early Campbell boats ? I remember them well as they were in our code group (Toro Bravo). All were the same color kinda a milky brown with a darker brown trim, from what I remember when were all unloading @ Taboga Island in the late 70's.

    Clyde Williams
    Asst Engineer/Winchman
    M/V Jaennine
    Zolezzi Enterprises-San Diego

  4. not sure about the design but the kit model is made by a company named [ Dumas ]
    they make alot of other models also,
    i helped the navagator [ at the time ] of the polaris help build one. his name is vic goularte.
    i know he passed away many years.

    ron lewis

  5. Hi to all i worked on the sea chase in panama from when it arrived new. I was on it for about 4 years working with Greg Chase. Good times

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