Jeanette Diana, Jeanette

Joe Finette owner. The Jeanette Diana was a high liner one of the top boats in the fleet ,for years .Unfortunalty the boat sank unexpectly in the western pacific , thank the good lord everybody was rescued . Jeanette is now Joes boat, it is the old Elizabeth CJ .My late cousin simply put it this way about Mr. Finette , he is the “nicest man you will ever meet”

Enough said…

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  1. my dad was on this boat, i remember going to the airport to pick him up with my mom and sister when i was 8, he looked liked a human scab!,most the guys held onto corks for almost 2 days

  2. Finette was a good man, yes he is, as he & Joe Dutra-Sea Hawk were both part of our code group (Toro Bravo) when I was still in the Eastern Pacific in the late 70's.

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