Good Times!

As I’m going through some tough times in my personal life I sit back and think when that happens you always end up thinking about the past and reminisce. And when I think about how things were with the fleet in San Diego these are just a few of the pictures that I have that shows how many boats there were. They were the good times, too bad we just didn’t know it…

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  1. Just found your blog. Nice to see another site on the history of this once great industry that San Diego was so famous for. It wasn't just a job for many but a lifestyle and a tradition. I too have keen interest in this subject like yourself. I came to San Diego in the early 80's to start my career in the fishing industry. Although I never was able to go on the big boats since it was near it's end at that time but I did get to meet many old timers who have become very close friends of mine so I guess I live the dream through them. I have become a historian of somewhat I guess. Been collecting memorabilia for more then 20 years now so if I can help you out with any pics or stories please let me know. I see you have in your links. Calidro is a very good friend of mine. He has created a great website. Sorry to hear your having some personal problems at the moment, same here for me. I wish it was still like the stories I hear from the old guys from the good ol days. If the fleet was still in town I would be down there tomorrow looking to jump on a boat. Wish you all the best, Tom

  2. Hi Jimmy
    Just wanted to say hi & be strong ,like your/our { family } are & god bless
    you & your kids in this dificult time . your freind always kevin madruga

    ps JIMMY like to share some of my little collection talk to you soon {stay strong} km

  3. jimmy, again, thanks so very much for all the time and hard work you put into this site
    and believe me it is very much appreciated by so very many.
    keep up the wonderful work and it's up to us to pass on the great pass history of our
    once great tuna industry.
    i often think about those days and i will always cherish them.
    take care, gb.
    ron lewis

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