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Simply put you can’t talk about the San Diego Tuna Fleet without the name of Ed Gann. He was a monster, his boats were always beautiful, and some of the most modern. He owned somewhere around 52 boats in his lifetime. Although I did not personally know him but I am lucky to say I knew his niece and if he was anything like her he must have been a great guy. We lost Mr. Gann this year as we have lost a number of icons in the fleet. He will always be known as one of the greatest in the tuna fleet worldwide…
Capt Vincent Gann
Bold Adventures (1st one)
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  1. i love tuna fishing! i always hoping that i will work someday a boat like this… love fishing and sea adventures =)

  2. I worked several years on tuna boats as helicopter pilot in the eastern and western pacific. Great times!…

  3. Are there any pic's out there of CVG actually working a set! I worked on her in the late 70.s

  4. Hello, I think I was first heli pilot for Bold Adventures back 1979 got on the ship via another tuna boat down south pacific coast flew Bell 47G –Soloy conversion, Captain Joe…Navigator and bunch of guys I can‘t remember; flash back we had 1 week off at Panama Canal for Unload Tuna for a merchant… some family member of the ship went down and I gave them the ride on chopper… Is Captain Joe still around don’t remember his last name…?

  5. Ed Gann made his fortune because of his second wife Betty Wisdom. She married Ed selling her property she owned in Rancho Bernardo, to help him purchase his fleet of large seiners. Unfortunately and unfairly the credit is given to his third wife on the monument on Shelter Island who started a relationship behind Betty's back.

  6. hola jimmi mi nombre es mario rosas y vivo en mexico, y al igual que tu soy apasionado por los botes atuneros especialmente la flota que estuvo en sandiego alla por 1970 a 1983, mi padre trabajo gran parte de su vida en san diego en los botes atuneros algunos de la familia souza y otros de la familia silveira,recuerdo algunos botes como la portuguesa,el southern pacific, el anna m, y el cherryl marie de gratos recuerdos para mi , si tienes fotos antiguas de estos buques y de tripulaciones me gustaria que las compartieras conmigo,gracias por eso y si conoces a marcos freitas de punta loma un abrazo para el el nombre de mi padre fue francisco pancho rosas ,espero puedas contestar este mensaje gracias.

  7. My father worked for Ed Gann from the early sixties till his death in 1971. They were friends. and I never heard a bad word about him ever out of my fathers mouth. As a child I remember my Dad going down to the office under the Coronado bridge after comming back from a trip. The office had businessmen waiting to see Mr. Gann. when we arrived Mr. Gann's secretary would greet my father warmly then announce my father was there to Mr. Gann and he would say send him in while all the other businessmen continued to sit outside. They would just talk like friends for forty minutes then dad would say he had taken up enough of his time get up to leave and Mr. Gann would say sit down Bud and have a drink. I need a break from all this business and it is nice to talk t a friend who is not always wanting something from me.. I never remember my father ever having to sit down and wait to see him. There was a mutual respect that I remembered all my life. Even at the age of sixty now I still refer to him as Mr. Gann. My sign of respect for a great businessman and a great friend to my father

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