Campbells Shipyard…

The San Diego tuna fleet had so many things to it such as Canaries and shipyards. But when I think about the shipyards you had to think about Campbell’s. The shipyard and the Seiners Classic design with the stern engine. The shipyard put out so many boats, and  changed its design a few times from the early ones like the Elizabeth CJ, to the most recognizable Uncle Louie style, and finally to the more modern Margaret Z. One thing for sure they were recognizable and they were a huge part of San Diego. I never did get to a launching, but I added some photos; looks like it would have been a blast.
Elizabeth C.J later named Maria C.J

Uncle Louie

Margaret Z
Hornet III

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  1. Big time, Hi-Ball time with some of the crew & Greg V. onboard the Hornet III when we were tied up abreast at a dock in the Canal Zone.

    What was the favorite bars/clubs there called, Ancon Inn ? Also the Golden Key -bar ? That everyone went too.

    Fun Times-Indeed, Clyde, M/V Toro Bravo

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