Zolezzi’s Fleet

The Zolezzi family was another family with multiple boats in the fleet and also their own fuel dock. Many of my father’s trips either began or ended at that fuel dock. The Marietta and Mary Antoinette may have been relatively small boats but they sure did catch a lot of fish…
Lone Wolf
Mary Antonette                                                                                     Marietta

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  1. Hello Jimmy, I want to congratulate you for your initiative to show all San Diego Tuna Fleet, anything you need please just ask. I'll put a link in our site to San Diego Tuna Boats

    Best Regards

    Caidro Morello

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    you may not know me, but you probably know my father Margarito Arias (Chief Engineer); he worked in most of these vessels. I have many memories as a child being inside of Mary Antonette with my father in the engine room. Great photos. Hey, can I email you outside of your blog?

    Rudy Arias

  3. M/V Jeannine was a great "Tacoma Boat" to work on. Lots of memories, as I was on it for the maiden voyage to the western pacific in 1981. John Canepa was the skipper & Jordan Souza was the navigator. The mast man was Mingo Silva. 1st year over, 4600+ in 4 trips, all unloaded at Starkist-Samoa.

    Great code group too, Legacy, Lone Wolf, Ocean Pearl, MJ Souza, Uncle Louie & the list goes on.

    Lots of Pictures & Memories that I will never forget.

    Stay Safe & Regards,
    Clyde Williams
    El Cajon, Ca.

  4. Yes, Tommy is Julius' youngest son. I worked with him for close to 7 years onboard the Jeannine.

    Clyde Williams

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