Manuel Silva, Boats

Manuel Silva, had some wonderful boats 4 to be exact he was one of the last to sell his boats. Personal favorite was the Proud Heritage and the Sea Quest. He later added the Tradition and the Legacy all beautiful. A great owner with great family .Unfortunately and ironically two of his boats the Sea Quest later named the Betty C and the Tradition which turned into the Cape Elizabeth both sunk due to fires at sea, that was after Manuel had sold the boats…

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  1. Julio Guidi was the skipper of the Cape Elizabeth when it sank fairly close to American Samoa.

    All the crew was accounted for, and no injuries were sustained.

  2. I found your blog by accident while “strolling down memory lane” on the internet, researching my time spent working for Arnholt Smith and Westgate-California Corp. (and his fishing fleet) during Arnie’s “troubles” in early 1970’s. It was my very first job, so I’ll never forget those days of change (some of them sad) in San Diego which “opened my eyes” forever as a green youngster, not wise to the ways of the world. Manny Silva came to our offices often then, and I remember him so well. Everyone loved and respected him. He was a true gentleman, a great human being, and a legend in those by-gone days. Mr. Silva stood out as the very best of San Diego during those disappeared days of America’s Finest City. I live on the East Coast now, and miss those days in San Diego so much.

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