Fishing is Dangerous!!!

I guess the most important thing to remember about fishing is how dangerous it is; and how unforgiving the ocean can be. After all you are fishing hundreds of miles from the nearest land at times. Help just cannot get to you that easy. That is why fisherman always counted on each other to help for parts or any other assistance they could offer. Because of this, many wonderful men have lost there lives at sea. May God bless each and every one of them and there families.

You see the most important thing when the boats came home was that our Dads were safe. God bless our Fisherman…

photo taken by Eddie Costa

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  1. First time on your website and it also bring back lots of fond memories. I was 21 years old aboard the Michelangelo when it sunk. I have the 2 different sets of photos as the Michel Angelo raised it bow for the last time like a salute to us before heading to its finally resting place.

  2. Hey Jimmy, Any scoop on what happened to the bow & pilot house of the Sea Quest ? Collision with a steamer, or ?

    That's a lot of damage.

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