Dominick Di Bona ..

Skipper Dominick Di Bona at the wheel of Southern Pacific great seiner . Dominick ran multiple seiners including Southern Pacific, Christina C and Pacific Queen to name a few. Send in your pictures to


Seiner Patrician cruising the Pacific at Sunset, Hoping for a better tomorrow . Please share your pictures with us at

Christina C…

Great shot sent in by Mario Di bona, Seiner was the Christina C at local banks making a set around the Karen Kristy in the background, waiting for her share of the catch. Also in this photo is Mario Di bona and Sal Giacalone. Thank you so much for the photo Mario. Please share your pictures with us at

Bold Fleet…

Campbells seiner Bold Fleet,  Originally launched as the Olivia in 1974. Please share your pictures with us at

Filling some wells..

Eileen M, appears to be well on her way to having a good day. Bringing it aboard early 70s. Im sure that will fill a well and start a well. Send in your pictures to


Weather out to sea, well its not always nice. Some serious swells here making for a beautiful picture , but I’m sure it wasn’t so nice to be on the rig at that time. Please share your pictures with us at


Mark McDonnell shared this with us, His fathers private collection what he fished with in the 50s. Pulling tuna aboard, thats for you old timers. Thank you Mark , share your photos with us at

Sea Quest ..

Sea Quest leaving the bay. Im guessing this was a Sunday afternoon and she was heading to San Pedro to unload. Who doesn’t remember spending time at Shelter Island it seemed like everyday you would see at least one seiner coming in or out. Definitely the great days. Please share your photos with us at

Broadway Pier ..

One of my many post cards i collected. and its a good one the legendary Mermaid docked at Broadway Pier in the 70s. Wonderful photo , please send in your favorite photo to