Capt Vincent Gann..

Capt Vincent Gann , one of the last Martinac Seiners . Stern engine I believe its still fishing , built in 1990 beautiful rig. Share your pictures with us at


Seiner Falcon , built at San Diego Marine in 1979 Originally named the Katherine Lisa. These style seiners have a special place in my heart. Please share your pictures with us at

Anchored seiners..

Seiners anchored I’m taking a shot maybe Taboga Island, but honestly photo didn’t say maybe someone can help if I’m wrong. I know one thing looks like some nice rigs anchored. Please share your photos with us we know you have them come on .


Tuna Seiner Caribe , Docked in San Diego bay owned by Ed Ganns . Big thank you to Mario Dibona .  Send your photos to

Royal Pacific ..

Seiner Royal Pacific, Still fishing in Samoa with the name changed to Koorale . Probably one of my favorite designed seiners. Built by Martinac shipyard in 1973. Send in your pictures to

Western Pacific…

Great shot of the Western Pacific on dry dock in New Zealand. Yes its our great friend Michael Burt. What would i do without you my friend Thank You . Please share your pictures with us at

Bold Contender…

Bold Contender, one of my favorite seiners. I could just post Bold Contender shots everyday. Except i really don’t have very many , Can someone please help ? Come on i know you have them . Send your pictures to

Samoa ..

Anyone ever wonder where the fleet went after San Diego , this is a picture of Samoa most likely in the late 80s. Unfortunalty Samoa has slowly went away also and now just a handful of American tuna boats remain . Please share your photos with us at