Seiner Calypso unloading . Built by San Diego Marine in 1973. Personally love that style of seiner.  Please share your photos with us at

Broadway Pier …

Unknown seiner docked at Broadway Pier, Those were the days tourist use to walk the pier , the good old days. Send your photos to

American Queen…

Seiner American Queen, one of two Campbell seiners with the raised bridge . Another seiner i wish i had more pictures of . Please share your favorite seiner photos with us at

Capt. A.R. Virissimo

Honestly a truly rare shot for me. My only shot of the Capt A. R . Virissimo . Wish I had more can anyone help ? I believe this was originally the South Seas one of the Gann’s Fleet. Help me out with a photo of the A R , or any seiner please send to

Elizabeth C.J.

Seiner Elizabeth C.J being built at Campbells in San Diego, Huge thank you to Abe Romero for sharing his collection of pictures with us .  If you would like to share photos with us just send them to


Seiner Jeanette still fishing in the Western Pacific. Originally the Elizabeth C.J built by Campbells industry . Share your pictures with us at

San Diego seiners…

I believe this shot was taken in Venezuela , showing a bunch of ex San Diego Seiners. Most of the fleet ended in Venezuela and Mexico originally. Sad photo for me to look at. Send in your pictures to


This shot sent in by Kevin Madruga. Ecuador waterfront with the seiner Grenadier up front. Once upon a time part of the huge San Diego tuna fleet . Please share your pictures with us at

Seiner Diana..

Tuna Seiner Diana in Samoa. This seiner had to many names to name them all . Originally launched as the South Pacific by Martinac in 1974 . Unfortunulty she caught on fire and sank a couple years ago. Please share your pictures with us at


Seiner Koralle slowly working her way through the channel , I believe in Samoa . Please send in your pictures to