Move that net….

Huge Thank you to one of our best followers Michael Burt. With this classic photo of the net pile of the Captain Vincent Ganns being towed away . The seiner  is in for repairs in Port Nelson New Zealand ..  Thanks again Michael , Please share your memories with us at

Proud Heritage….

Love this seiner, so many memories with my father on this boat. San Pedro trips ,to skipping school and filling needles to work on the net and all those great lunches with the guys (torpedo sandwiches) … Share your memories with us at


Some of the seiners tied up in Samoa waiting to hit the Seas .. Share your memories with us at


Truly a very sad day for the Tuna Fleet. We lost a seiner yesterday , that simply put was the icon of the San Diego Tuna fleet the moment it was launched. And it was that way all the way to her end sitting in Samoa with a full load of fish.  I rather remember her this way then the photos that are out now.

Pacific Princess…

Wonderful looking seiner Pacific Princess being built at Campbells shipyard in San Diego . One of the few seiners still active today. Share your pictures with us at


Well if nobody wanted to help with pictures of the Mariner I will do it myself. This originally was the Mariner built in 1973 by Martinac shipyard. Now the Bernandino in this photo. Share your pictures with us at