Seiner Legacy pulling into dock in Samoa looks to be 1997. Beautiful seiner owned by Manuel Silva built by Martinac in 1982. Share your pictures at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Royal Pacific….

Wonderful shot of the Early Royal Pacific. This wonderful photo shared by Jack Cain family  of T.F Ultsch know as TED.  Thank You again to Jack and everyone who shares photos so we can keep our fleet alive.  Send your photos to sdtunaboats@cox.net


How it use to be, Thanks to Clyde Williams for his photo of the good old days. Seiners tied up at the Embarcadero in San Diego . I do believe most of these seiners ended up in Venezuela . Share your photos at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Flag time…

What a great photo, posting a flag on log at Sunset time. Thank You to Keith Borglum for the photo. He was aboard the Michelangelo at the time.. Share your photos at sdtunaboats@cox.net


When all else fails a shot of the Pisces is always great. Tio Leo Correia owner , originally launched the John F Kennedy . Share your photos with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

CVG update…

Our great friend from New Zealand gave me a updated photo on the Capt Vincent Gann in Nelson shipyard. Looks like progress is being made I here about 1-2 months to go .. Thank You again Michael Burt for the pictures .. sdtunaboats@cox.net

Antonina C….

What a shot of the (Yacht ) seiner Antonina C being launched . 1970 San Diego Marine , must have been a great day. Thank you to the Castagnola Family for sharing this photo. Share your photos with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Claudia B….

Seiner Claudia B, Launched Trinidad in  1971 by Martinac . I just love the Martinac seiners .. Share your favorite photos with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Sea Gem..

Seiner Sea Gem, and its great bridge . Built in 1975 by Martinac shipyard this seiner is still active under foreign flag. Share your pictures with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net

Evelyn DaRosa…

Evelyn DaRosa , simply put in my generation this seiner was top dog. Owned by the DaRosa family you could pretty much seeing this rig in the bay every 5-6 weeks. Just don’t have many pictures of her. Unfortunately this beautiful seiner sank way to early if I remember right it was in the mid 80s. Share your photos with us at sdtunaboats@cox.net