I took this photo of the Venturous in 1988 on a Sea Trial off of Point Loma from the Helicopter, it feels like it was yesterday.  Unfortunately  the Venturous sank a few years later off the Coast of Panama .

Azteca 2 …..

Another one of my photos I took down at 10th Ave Terminal. The Azteca 2 was a very familiar seiner in San Diego in the 80s. The Azteca 2  is still fishing today in Mexico , share your photos at

Sajo Gloria and Victoria.

One of my photos I took back in 1986 . Two brand new Campbell’s seiners tied up at 10th Avenue Terminal. These seiners were both for The Korean  Fleet and I’m not sure if they are still fishing today.


Just a sensational photo of the seiner Tunamar built at Campbells Shipyard in 1981. This seiner is probably better known under its current name the Tiuna . Another one of my photos from my Campbells Collection

Milargos Z…

This is a beautiful photo of the Milargos Z , built at Campbell’s shipyard. This seiner spent most if not all of its time fishing in Western Pacific.

Marne K…

Seiner Marne K, was built by Campbell’s in 1981. I received this photo along with all the rest of the Campbell’s fleet when the shipyard closed down. One by one the photos were delivered to my house and I truly appreciated it. Share your photos with us at


Another one of my favorite photos, I took this in 6th grade at B street Pier. The seiner Aquarius was very special to my family as we had a few family members on the boat over the years, including my Father as a Navigator for a few years

Via Mistral…

Our good friend Kevin Madruga sends in this photo of the Via Mistral , I believe this was the second to the last seiner built by Campbells Shipyard back in 1991. Thank You as always Kevin.

Campbells Shipyard…

This will always be one of my favorite photos that  I have ever taken , I guess it shouldn’t bother me when I see it on other sites so often . Campbells industry back in its working days, why is this one of my favorite photos ? Simply because The  Uncle Louie is in the photo what a  great seiner it was

Mary Lucille….

My Uncle Rollie didn’t let his heartbreak from the sinking of the  Mary Lucille get the best of him. He soon bought the City Of Lisbon and renamed it the Mary Lucille and he was back in action.