Advertising works…

Some people say advertising is a waste of time, I beg to differ I had a sensational haul of photos from my add in the Beacon this week . Send your pictures to

Tommy John….

What a beautiful photo of the Albacore – Bait Boat Tommy John , anchored in Cape Lookout Oregon in September 2008. This boat has traveled most of the West Coast in its time. Thank You to Tom Cardozo for sharing his photo, anyone else got one ?


I love this picture of the Aquarius, I believe this is taken at 10th ave in San Diego Bay. I have so many memories of this seiner with a few family members fishing aboard including my Father. At the time of this photo The Aquarius was owned by the Dasilva family. Share your photos at

Proud Heritage …..

I took this picture about 35 years ago on my little Kodak camera it feels like it was yesterday. The Proud Heritage heading to San Pedro on a Sunday afternoon to begin unloading .  Great memories anyone else with memories please send them to

Old School …

I love this batch of photos sent in by my good friend Jimmy Zeigler . Definitely some classics in this bunch. Thanks Jimmy send in your photos please. Share your’s at

King Oscar….

Another photo that I collected years ago,The King Oscar in a set. I used  to love seeing this seiner along with the Portobello in  San Diego. Honestly I think it was the unique color that made these seiners so different and stand out.

Lucky Strike part III

This photo is of the Lucky Strike on the hunt with crew searching for tuna on the glasses , with the chopper standing by . Picture compliments Shane Airlie

Lucky Strike Brailing…

These photos are of The Lucky Strike . Crew members on the skiff brailing  some nice size tuna aboard the seiner . Thank You to Shane Airlie for the pictures, I can use some help with pictures if anybody has some .


My very first photo I ever  took in the mid 70s , I was aboard the Proud Heritage and took this picture of the Dominator unloading . So many wonderful memories of that trip up to San Pedro with my Father .

Sn Pedro Seiners..

Our Good friend Kevin Madruga sends in these photo of the San Pedro Fleet, never forget how important these seiners and San Pedro was to the tuna fleet.