Well here is the finish project. Jeannine all ready and set to sail from Port Nelson  New Zealand. And she looks great. Of course this picture was sent in by our great loyal follower Michael Burt. The best part of running this site is meeting great friends from all ends of the World. Michael a great friend from New Zealand . Send in your pictures please to


What a amazing shot from the old days. Paramount what a legendary seiner. Source of this photo is Monty Wilson. A huge thank you to the family for sending this one in , just a classic. Please share your photos with us at

Ocean Fisheries …

This logo on the bow of so many seiners meant so much. Ocean Fisheries who has photos of those boats? Who has a connection were i can find some pictures? Come on someone knows someone. Send me your info to

Abe Romero…

Chief Abe Romero hanging out in control room i believe on the Caribe Star, Old Frontier in San Diego. Great Chief ,Great Man . Send in your pictures to

Gina Anne ..

Bringing it aboard on the Gina Anne. From the look of the net pile some nice sized tuna. Another nice shot sent in by our friend Sal Camarda. Believe these shots are from 1978 or 79. Please share your pictures at

Gina Keren letting lines go..

Crew aboard the Gina Karen getting a few last waves goodbye before heading out on a trip. Thank you to Mike Martin for this photo. Send your photos to

Conte Bianco…

In this video of the Conte Bianco, Crew is as follows, Joe Castagnola, Andy Castagnola, Mario Crivello, Nick Desanti , Dale Bruni, And Louie (Uncle Louie ) Castagnola.

Crew Gina Anne..

Crew aboard the Gina Anne. Im guessing mid 70s anyone recognize anyone ? Send your photos in to

Rosa Olivia…

Not all seiners move on to foreign flag. Rosa Olivia was turned into a trawler in Alaska. Kind of crazy. Send your pictures to

Heading out..

  1. Gina Anne heading out of the Bay. Crazy how big the bow was on this rig.  Thank you to Sal Carmarda for sharing his photos with us , who’s next ? Send them to