Bold Fleet….

Bold Fleet getting ready to let go . Speed boats standing by in the stern. Skiff man also stands by . Again Thank You to Jeff Ullrich for sharing his photos. Share your photos with us at

Jet Ranger ….

The first of many photos from my new best friend Jeff Ullrich. Jet Ranger taking off from the Bold Fleet. Thank you Jeff. Send in your photos to

Thank You , Jeff ….

This is what I’m talking about. How do i say thank you enough. I sent a help wanted message and Jeff Ullrich responded in a big way. Jeff flew in chopper on the Bold Fleet and Aquarius to name a couple. He drove 2 hours to meet me in San Diego to drop off 3 photo albums and some loose photos. Thats a sensational person and a great friend of the website . Thank you again Jeff you are great. Anyone else want to send in a few photos send them to

Pan Pacific….

Pan Pacific docked at 10th ave in San Diego.  Great Campbell built seiner. We need pictures so please send them in . We can’t do this alone.

Sea Quest…

I took this shot of the Sea Quest on a choppy day in the Eastern Pacific in 1988. I was aboard the Venturous at he time. Please share your pictures we need help , help us keep this wonderful fleet alive.


I got this shot from the Medina Family. A big Thank you to them for sharing the photos Seiner Conquest Brailing. So I’m one guy trying to collect photos and keep a passion of mine going. To celebrate the amazing men Fathers , sons and brothers who fished. I really need help i can’t go on forever without your help. Please send photos to

Royal Pacific…

Beautiful shot of the Royal Pacific. My favorite design and size seiner. Sister ships with the Finnisterre , Sea Treasure , Southern Pacific , Dominator. Love any of those seiners. Come omg and help us out i know someones got shots of those boats. Send your photos to

Bold Contender…

Well here is my monthly generic Bold Contender picture. Why because its one of my favorite boats and i have so few pictures of her. Im sure there is someone  looking at this who has photos or knows someone with photos of the Bold Contender and maybe you will one-day help me out and send them in . Share your photos at

Aquarius at B Street..

Seriously I  remember taken this picture it felt like yesterday. Too bad it was about 40 years ago. I took this on Broadway Pier looking towards B Street . Frances Ann mast in background. Great times and memories last forever.


One of my last pictures i took. The seiner Atlantis docked at the Embarcadero in San Diego. I took the picture on the Berkley . Believe it was Christmas time. Miss those rigs. Please help us by sending in your pictures to